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If you ever get on this. you are gangster for remembering the password

It was quit sad honestly that i remembered this password. and even sadder that i read so much of this. look at all the fun we had. wow. what a bunch of idiots. we made a journal to make fun of chase and selina. HAHA! i wish we where all friends. i know no one will ever look at this again. laura and collin are friends. dani and laura are friends. collin hates dani. so much has changed i cant even believe it. my head hurts. (someone is listening to techno so loud at work right now, i want to kill them) I wonder what you guys are doing right now. i wonder if you ever think of the funnist times in the world that we use to have. i wonder how your little brother is collin. i also wonder if we will ever talk again. it's so sad. hmmm. Laura lives in Cali now, we have not talked for like 3 months. I have no idea what collin is doing nowadays. last i heard, you where good. good. i work my life away. its fun to think of you guys. i miss you. if either of you see this in the next 10 years, you should call me to say whats up. even if you hate me. i truely hope and wish that your lives are going perfect amd they're fillled with love, and music. thats all that matters these days.

we hang out in my dreams.

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