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Greetings old friends,
It's 22-year-old blade the renegade, reporting from the top of the Richards Group building.. the one right across I75 from the north park mall.. the one that used to have the bunnies, and i shot one w/ a rubberband. hehe. i bet that rabbit is dead now. There's much to report. I have a beard now, and when you look how i look, its hard to get a table for one at chuck-e-cheese. I live really really close to michael stein's house, in an efficiency apartment with a bed that folds into the wall.. its a swiss army apartment. My mom had another baby a couple years ago, he's cute as fuck and his name is ryder.. my sister had a baby last year, she named him collin. aawww. he fights kids at the park, and eats everything. My brother cameron is going to school at A&M majoring in biomedical engineering.. what a fuckin balla pimp ass. kids gonna be rich. I broke my wrist again, trying to do a backflip off my balcony(druuuuunk) when i had roommates in july.. i went to the hospital a few days later cause my wrist was getting more and more swollen and i couldn't move it without wanting to die.. i had to get my wrist screwed together and i got a hot pink cast.. everybody called me a faggot! My girlfriend Jane is really awesome, you'd like her if you met her. I'm going back to school next month.. FUCK! I have hardly any recollection of writing any of this shit on here. hahah, i thoroughly enjoyed reading these old blabs of bored kids on comps.

Uh, listen fellas.. teenage hostility expires.. I'd like to say that I don't hate a soul, we can be friends right?

Dani, i still remember you're birthday.. june 21st.. WHAT!! uggnnhh!! we're the same age every year for 2 weeks and 2 days.
Laura, I fucking miss you all the time. I remember when we were internet bff's you were my therapist. and we talked about pirates and going and meowing, and 21 and vampires occasionally. and remember throwing keys and reading books.. and swinging... fuck, i want to be 18 again.

who wrote that last entry? dani?

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