Sunshine Daydream (saltwaterlilies) wrote,
Sunshine Daydream

... the joke

alright then... i will share my gem.
its a bit inappropriate so i always try and clean it up a bit as far as words go.. but i make up for it with gestures.. which you can't see.. so this is gonna be pretty inappropriate. here goes:

"So.. I was with my girlfriend recently.. .and we're doing 'boyfriend-girlfriend' stuff.. things were getting a little hot and heavy..
but, the 'red river' was flowing.. so i couldn't 'row my boat' in the river.. if you catch my drift. Which is fine, she doesn't like doing that, and to be honest, i don't like it either.. have you ever done that?? I've done it before.. after it's all finished, it looks like i got a boner and stabbed a guy to death with it.. and I don't know if thats really gay.. or really bad ass.
Anyway, I was all roused up, and I decided, if i can't row my boat in my girlfriend's river, i'll row my boat in the shower.. by myself. So i tell my girlfriend "hey I'm gonna go get ready and take a shower. blablabla.." and i engage in the mission.
I was at my girlfriends house, and for some reason, doing that in her shower is just a lot more exciting than at my place, needless to say; the mission was going really well, and it didn't take long before i was about to (at this point in the joke i think i'll do a gesture for like busting a nut.. you know.. an ejaculatory explosion.. which is much more pleasant than actually saying words like that :D) and then, all of a sudden, my girlfriend comes into the bathroom.. to get in the shower.. with me....(probably a decent sized pause right here) ...well i couldn't stop myself.. and she opens the shower door to me with this fresh batch of baby batter dripping from my hand, she sees it.. and if i didn't think fast, i was about to be in trouble.. so i did what any guy in my situation would do... I sucked it up.. and i conditioned my hair with that shit.. and, in case you couldn't already tell, i now do that regularly"

so what do you think?? huh?? pretty good??
I need to make up 3 or 4 more, then i'm gonna do an open mic...

so whats up with that myspace lolo?!!
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