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She comes in colors everywhere...

Sunshine Daydream
21 June

snap snap goes the camera,
swallow it up,
learn as you go.
action figure sheets, african americans, angelina jolie, anorexia, anti-jesus, assholes, bannanapeelbob, barbie, beaver teeth, being in texas, belly button lint, bike rides, blade the renegade, blind date, blondie, blue dresses, bright colors, bright eyes, buttons, chairlegs, chattering teeth, chimpanzees, chocalate, cigarettes, classified skinny, collin the funny, comforting hands, creativity, darth vador rooms, david bowie, dead leaves, dirty feet, dirty rooms, dirty strippers, doggy doo, dr.pepper, driving far, drop dead fred, eating toenails, eureka's castle, falling up hill, fat people, fingerpainting, fingers, fiona apple, flaring nostrils, fog, fondling buttcheeks, foreigner, fruit roll-ups, gangsters, gg allin, girls, godspeed, goonies, hairy legs, hammers bashing tv screens, hands, happy, hating stereotypes, herman, highlights magazine, highway overpasses, hipochristians, hot hot heat, instant hand sanitizer, insults, jelly beans, jim carrey, kansas, kansas city, knives, knowing the time, laughing, lawrence, long distance obsessions, looking at beautiful models, made up kisses, martha stewart, melting ice cream cones, metal lunchboxes, milo and otis, morcheeba, mudpuddles, my dead cat max, needle up my cock, nice, no more pope, not changing clothes, not showering, paint, panties, paris, peacock feathers, peed on toilet seats, perfect skin, phone books, photography, pictures, pink, pirates, plastic combs, poe, power rangers, powza, running in the rain, running noses, salt-n-pepa, sand on barefeet, shannyn sossamon, shattered glass, shivering in the cold, shocktarts, silly putty, sleeping late, sleeping with you, sluts, smelly vagina's, sneezing, social secruity cards, sonic drinks, sour punch straws, stalking the bitch, stupid girls, sun glasses, sweaty armpits, sweet tooth, tall rails, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the alphabet, the beatles, the cure, the yeah yeah yeahs, toes, toilet bowl cleaner solution, tom and jerry, tooth brushes, tori amos, truck stops, turquoise and pastel yellow, vix-vapor rub, waterfalls of rollerblades, you, you reading this, ziggy stardust